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Gorgeous Stained Glass & Leaded Glass in Cleveland, Ohio

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Residential Glass Art

Unlike common window glass, which is perfectly smooth and flawless, art glass seeks visual character through artistic impression. That character comes in the form of textural waves and striations, random bubbles, and a variety of other natural effects.
Art glass achieves its personality through these unique peculiarities; no two sheets of glass are ever identical. For this reason, art glass has a definite place in the home. From a bedroom mirror, to entry doors or a fireplace screen, we would love the chance to customize your needs and create a unique work of art for your home.

Etched & Sand-Carved Glass

The term “etching” usually refers to the application of acid, resulting in a frosted surface. Sand-carved glass is created through the process of abrading or eroding a glass surface in selected areas through the impact of abrasive particles propelled at a high speed. This process allows us to etch both very large areas and very fine details.

Etched Glass - Glass Artist

Stained & Leaded Glass

The options are endless when working with both stained and leaded glass. With thousands of colors and textures to choose from, virtually any outcome is possible. Stop in to view specific color / texture requests with our ready-made or custom-designed stained and leaded glass pieces.

Commercial Glass Applications

As seen by our success stories, Art 5 Glass can provide a wide variety of art glass to suit your unique corporate needs. Add your logo to glass walls, windows, mirrors, and brick memorials, or let us create a decorative piece that sets a commanding artistic tone for your office.

Contact Art 5 Glass in Cleveland, Ohio, for corporate and business art glass solutions that work for you.